Graphics and Imaging Lab

The Graphics and Imaging Lab is a research group working on computer graphics and computational imaging at Universidad de Zaragoza. The group does relevant research in the areas of physically-based rendering, image processing, computational imaging, virtual reality, applied perception... There are currently five main lines of research, which can be browsed here.

Prof. Diego Gutierrez is the founder and head of the lab, which additionally has five faculty members, one postdocs, eight PhD students, and a number of master and undergrad students. We additionally collaborate with a number of institutions, both in academia and industry.

Latest news

We are hiring! We are looking for highly motivated and talented postdoc and Ph.D. students.
Check this document and contact us if you are interested!

Sep , 2023

New incorporation in our team! Sandra Malpica will join us as an Assistant Professor.

May , 2023

Our works The Visual Language of Fabrics and Virtual Mirrors: Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging Beyond the Third Bounce have been accepted for presentation at SIGGRAPH 2023 and for publication in ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG).

Apr , 2023

Our work Towards latent representations of gloss in complex stimuli using unsupervised learning has been accepted for presentation at Vision Science Society (VSS) 2023.

Feb , 2023

Our student Sandra Malpica has succesfully defended her PhD thesis (Sobresaliente Cum Laude). She will now be a PostDoc at UPC.

Jan , 2023

Our work A Study of Change Blindness in Immersive Environments has been accepted for presentation at IEEE VR 2023 and for publication in Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG).

Jan , 2023

Our work In-the-wild material appearance editing using perceptual attributes has been accepted for presentation at EUROGRAPHICS 2023 and for publication in Computer Graphics Forum.

Dec , 2022

Our work Gloss management for consistent reproduction of real and virtual objects has been accepted for presentation at SIGGRAPH Asia 2022.

Nov , 2022

New incorporation in our team! A new PhD student has joined us on his journey! Check the team section.

Sep , 2022

Our work On the Influence of Dynamic Illumination in the Perception of Translucency has been accepted at ACM Symposium on Applied Perception (SAP) 2022.

Sep , 2022

Our works Structure-Aware Parametric Representations for Time-Resolved Light Transport and Non-line-of-sight imaging in the presence of scattering media have been accepted at Opitcs Letters.

Where to Find Us

Universidad de Zaragoza
EINA (Edificio Ada Byron)
Maria de Luna, 1
50018 Zaragoza (Spain)

Contact Us

graphics AT unizar DOT es