The light field in an underwater environment is characterized by complex multiple scattering interactions and wavelength-dependent attenuation, requiring significant computational resources for the simulation of underwater scenes. We present a novel approach that makes it possible to simulate multi-spectral underwater scenes, in a physically-based manner, in real time. Our key observation is the following: In the vertical direction, the steady decay in irradiance as a function of depth is characterized by the diffuse downwelling attenuation coefficient, which oceanographers routinely measure for different types of waters. We rely on a database of such real-world measurements to obtain an analytical approximation to the Radiative Transfer Equation, allowing for Real-Time spectral rendering with results comparable to Monte Carlo ground-truth references, in a fraction of the time. We show results simulating underwater appearance for the different optical water types, including volumetric shadows and dynamic, spatially varying lighting near the water surface.


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