Transient Imaging

How does the world look at a billion frames per second? We try to answer this question, and propose new ways of capturing the world, by developing techniques for imaging, reconstruction, and synthesis, where we break the assumption of infinite speed of light.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality provides a new way of experiencing virtual content with unprecedented capabilities that have the potential of profoundly impact our society. Our research efforts are targeted towards understanding viewers’ behavior in VR environments.

Diagnosis of Visual Defects

We are creating an automatic tool for the diagnosis of visual defects in small children. The advances in eye tracking technology have opened up a whole new world of possibilities in this research area.

Visual Appearance: Perception and Editing

Appearance datasets are increasingly unfit to editing operations. There is a large gap between the complexity and realism of the captured data, and the flexibility to edit it. We aim to bridge this gap, putting the user at the core.

Physically-Based Rendering

We try to generate synthetic images undistinguible from reality by accurately modeling the underlying physics ruling light transport. For that, we propose new numerical methods for efficient and robust light transport simulation, and combine them with novel models simulating light-matter interactions.