May , 2021

Adrián Jarabo has received the Eurographics Young Researcher Award 2021.

Apr , 2021

Diego Gutiérrez is among the top 100 most influential scholars in CG according to Aminer.

Mar , 2021

Our paper Perception of material appearance: a comparison between painted and rendered images has been accepted in the Journal of Vision (JoV).

Mar , 2021

Our two new works Virtual light transport matrices for non-line-of-sight imaging and ScanGAN360: A Generative Model of Realistic Scanpaths for 360º Images are now available in arXiv.

Mar , 2021

Our paper Influence of directional sound cues on users’ exploration across 360º movie cuts has been accepted at IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications.

Feb , 2021

Our new work Multimodality in VR: A survey is now available in arXiv.

Nov , 2020

Our paper The joint role of geometry and illumination on material recognition has been accepted in the Journal of Vision (JoV).

Sep , 2020

Our paper Computing the bidirectional scattering of a microstructure using scalar diffraction theory and path tracing has been accepted in Pacific Graphics 2020.

Sep , 2020

Our papers Imperceptible manipulation of lateral camera motion for improved virtual reality applications and A General Framework for Pearlescent Materials have been accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2020.

Jul , 2020

Our paper Auditory stimuli degrade visual performance in virtual reality has been published in Scientific Reports.

Apr , 2020

Ana Serrano will receive this year the Eurographics PhD Award.

Mar , 2020

Our paper Exploring the impact of 360º movie cuts in users’ attention has been presented at IEEE VR 2020 and nominated to best paper award.

Feb , 2020

Our article Compression and Denoising of Transient Light Transport has been accepted at Optics Letters!

Jan , 2020

Ana Serrano has been rewarded with the PhD Award from Universidad de Zaragoza.

Dec , 2019

Ana Serrano has been rewarded with the CESA 2019 award to the best thesis.

Nov , 2019

Diego Gutiérrez has been rewarded with the ADEA’s innovation award.

Nov , 2019

Adrián Jarabo has been choosen as a finalist for the award ‘Tercer Milenio’.

Oct , 2019

Our paper Generic Interactive Pixel-level Image Editing has been accepted at Computer Graphics Forum!

Oct , 2019

Marta Ortin (Dive Medical) has won the ‘Triple Hélice’ Elevator Pitch competition.

Aug , 2019

Our paper Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging using Phasor Field Virtual Wave Optics has been published in Nature. It presents a novel way to address non-line-of-sight imaging, lifting most of the assumptions and limitations from previous approaches.

May , 2019

Our paper A Similarity Measure for Material Appearance has been accepted to SIGGRAPH 2019.

Apr , 2019

Ana Serrano has succesfully defended her PhD Thesis!

Nov , 2018

Our paper Motion parallax for 360 RGBD video has been conditionally accepted to IEEE VR 2019 Journal track!

Nov , 2018

Ana Serrano has been awarded with the ‘Tercer Milenio’ awards! Check it here.

Oct , 2018

Our paper Progressive Transient Photon Beams has been accepted at Computer Graphics Forum!

Sep , 2018

Our papers Practical Multiple Scattering for Rough Surfaces and Practical SVBRDF Acquisition of 3D Objects with Unstructured Flash Photography have been accepted at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018!

Jun , 2018

Our paper On-the-Fly Power-Aware Rendering has been accepted at EGSR 2018!

Jun , 2018

We welcome our two new members! Carlos Orrite and Ruiquan Mao.

Jun , 2018

Ana Serrano has been awarded with the Nvidia Graduate Fellowship Program.

Jun , 2018

Adrián Jarabo has been awarded with the BBVA’s Leonardo Grant.

May , 2018

Our papers A Radiative Transfer Framework for Spatially-Correlated Materials and Second-Order Occlusion-Aware Volumetric Radiance Caching have been accepted at SIGGRAPH 2018!

Feb , 2018

Our paper Adaptive polarization-difference transient imaging for depth estimation in scattering media has been accepted at Optics Letters!

Nov , 2017

Our paper How do people explore virtual environments? has been accepted at the journal track of IEEE VR (to appear in Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics). Our paper Bidirectional Rendering of Vector Light Transport has been accepted at Computer Graphics Forum.

Aug , 2017

Our papers DeepToF: Off-the-Shelf Real-time Correction of Multipath Interference in Time-of-Flight Imaging , High-Quality Hyperspectral Reconstruction Using a Spectral Prior and Compact Single-Shot Hyperspectral Imaging Using a Prism have been accepted in SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017!