Graphics and Imaging Lab

The Graphics and Imaging Lab is a research group working on computer graphics and computational imaging at Universidad de Zaragoza. The group does relevant research in the areas of physically-based rendering, image processing, computational imaging, virtual reality, applied perception... There are currently four main lines of research, which can be browsed here.

Prof. Diego Gutierrez is the founder and head of the lab, which additionally has four faculty members, two postdocs, six PhD students and a number of master and undergrad students. We additionally collaborate with a number of institutions, both in academia and industry.

Latest news

Oct. 2018 One paper conditionally accepted to IEEE VR 2019 Journal track! Check it here.
Nov. 2018 Ana Serrano has been awarded with the Tercer Milenio awards! Check it here.
Oct. 2018 One paper accepted at Computer Graphics Forum! Check it here.
Sep. 2018 Two new papers accepted at SIGGRAPH Asia 2018! Check them here.
Jun. 2018 Adrián Jarabo has been awarded with the BBVA's Leonardo Grant. Congratulations!
Jun. 2018 Ana Serrano has been awarded with the Nvidia Graduate Fellowship Program. Congratulations!
Jun. 2018 We welcome our two new members! Carlos Orrite and Ruiquan Mao.
Jun. 2018 One paper accepted at EGSR 2018! Check it here.
May. 2018 One paper accepted at SIGGRAPH 2018! Check it here.
Feb. 2018 New paper accepted at Optics Letters. Check it here.
Nov. 2017 Three new papers accepted at Transactions on Graphics, the journal track of IEEE VR (to appear in Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics), and Computer Graphics Forum. Check them here.
Aug. 2017 Three new papers accepted in SIGGRAPH ASIA 2017! Check them here.

Where to Find Us

Universidad de Zaragoza
EINA (Edificio Ada Byron)
Maria de Luna, 1
50018 Zaragoza (Spain)

Contact Us

diegog AT unizar DOT es